Books and Food and Food in Books

Yes, it has been a while since I’ve written a post. Mostly because I found this whole concept of blogging to be intimidating! However, there is no better cure for intimidation (or anything for that matter), than a good meal!

I am about half way through A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, one of our summer Bookclub picks, and it occurred to me that I have read many books with deliciously strong food content. This got me thinking, is there a recipe for the Latvian Stew that was served at the Boyarsky?

Well, I googled it! To my surprise, I discovered that there is a whole website dedicated to food in books. Now, when you are reading a Louise Penny novel and wish that you could taste one of Gabri and Olivier’s creations at the Bistro, you are in luck! You just have to make it yourself.

Check out your favorite recipes from books at The Book Club Cook Book

You will not be disappointed, maybe just a little hungrier.

Cooking a book themed meal or treat for your Bookclub can really tie the discussion together. Unfortunately for my Bookclub, we meet after dinner and are usually too full to eat. That’s just poor planning! I did, however, recreate the molasses bread ever so present in the Kitchen House novel we read by Kathleen Grissom and I do recall it being a hit (see below).

Until next time, Happy Reading and Happy Eating!


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