Here I Am

Well, here I am! You found me.

I have thought about starting to write a small blog for a while, and today is the day. I think it will primarily focus on the Bookclub that I belong to, which started 3 years ago. However, it could include recipes or even the on goings in my glamorous, dramatically, exciting life! Who knows?! The possibilities are endless.

I originally began Bookclub because I was struggling with reading. When I did read, it would only be 2-3 pages before my eyes got heavy and I was dozing off and I hardly ever read books to completion. I wanted to become a reader. In order to become a reader, I decided that the accountability of reporting to a group each month would keep me on task to complete books.

To start, I decided to ask friends via Facebook if anyone would be interested in joining a Bookclub. I got a few interested people and from there I began planning:

  • Bookclub will meet at my house on the second Tuesday of each month (7-9pm)
  • All participants will  have an opportunity to make book suggestions
  • The monthly selection will be drawn from a draw box
  • Bookclub is a great opportunity to read books that remove you from your comfort zone; Try a book that you may not have chosen to read on your own
  • Snacks and wine are a must

Now, 3 years in, I send emails regarding Bookclub and its meetings to 19 people. Perhaps that doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you are all reading the same book, and you all have very differing opinions and strong personalities, it is a lot of people.

We are a very casual Bookclub. Sometimes only 3 people can make a meeting, sometimes 15 show. It just depends on people and their schedules. It doesn’t matter much to me, I am reading and I am happy! I hope you will follow along as I continue to grow as a reader.

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